EnCata is a ONE-STOP-SHOP for design, engineering development, manufacturing and Engineering Consultancy services, working with technology startups, corporate sector and SMEs.

Such a unique combination of engineering talent pool and word class industrial prototyping facilities under one roof enable EnCata to tackle multidisciplinary projects, enabling technology transfer and developent of bespoke designs and engineering solutions in hardware.
Solving complexity of product development is about bringing together a number of expertise such as business analysis, engineering, market research, UX/UI, industrial design, manufacturing, digital and physical experience. Managing product lifecycle is crucial for companies to perform in the 21st century.

Product development with EnCata is a thrilling experience of enabling innovative business models, discovering customer needs and finding market opportunities through product design and engineering.
Engineering design of any hardware product, mechatronic system, vehicle or a simple enclosure entails concepting, 3D CAD modelling and 2D drawings that can be used for mass-production anywhere.

We employ the best engineering practices which allows us to design reliable products within specification and user experience constrains.
EnCata offers development of custom PCB layouts, PCB modelling in 3D, embedded systems and FGPA design, electrical engineering and industrial automation.

Over the 100+ projects we completed, we delivered custom electronics for a variety of domains, including IoT, consumer products, robotics, medical devices, aerospace and navigation, automotive and developed complex solutions for a range of industrial applications.
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EnCata's is somewhat unique in having world class industrial prototyping facilities and vide range of CNC machinery in the same building with the design office.

Such truly LEAN set-up allows faster prototype manufacturing and assembly time. We broadly embrace DFM approach where the design engineering team is deeply involved in prototype production, assembly and tests. This allows to timely update documentation and BOM, ensuring our clients receive both the prototype and validated documentation and 3D model and CAD drawings.
Batch manufacturing is somewhat challenging for most of the hardware startups and companies since it takes a series of steps similar to a large manufacturing process, but requires a true flexibility in execution.

Being a true LEAN manufacturing workshop we employ 'cart production system' employed from Toyota Production System (TPS) which ideally suits the low- and medium-volume production. Such approach ensures a very good quality control, since quality is embedded in the production 'flow'.

Past batch-production phase, we are offering mass-production consultancy services to our clients, helping them to smoothly scale up manufacturing volumes with our trusted network of OEM companies in Europe and Asia.
Typically, industrial design is intrinsically embedded in our product development process, since the conceptual design and engineering puts much constraints for the future product's shape and form. However, excercising industrial design at early stage can be a good strategy in efforts of testing target audience, customer development and pitching investors.

Creating industrial design of your future product with EnCata's multidisciplinary team, whether it is siple graphical sketches, bespoke CAD or form concept helps to bridge the gap between the world of art and fine engineering.
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Whether you need to validate, evaluate or review your design, concept, 3D model, drawings our experienced manufacturing, mechanical and electronics engineers are able to review your project and guide you in order to reach your goal with minimal expenses.
Coneptual design review
3D CAD model review
Design-for-manufacturability review
Electronics design and PCB layouts revew
Manufacturing support
Technology and engineering feasibility review

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