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Our engineers work on projects of various fields: nanotechnology, microelectronics, aerospace, medtech, IoT, robotics

We use our own technologies, e.g. 5S board with implemented neural network, pneumoframe Fir Tech construction. Here you can learn more about us

We follow LEAN Production approach (based on Toyota philosphy). When we see a mistake- we eliminate it and disclose the reason for it even if we'll have to stop the production.
What is EnCata?
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What we Do
Machining operation

Metal working with lathe machine; plastic and metal milling.
Wood, foam, fibreglass, plastic processing.

Semi-automatic, contact, capacitor welding, argonarc and electron-beam welding.
Produce welding parts with complex geometries and tubes with the use of rectifiers, inverters, transformers, MMA, TIG machines and TIG semi-automatic MIG / MAG.
We work with structural, alloyed, corrosion-resistant steels.
Heat treatment of metals
Metals treatment.
Three-side heating with heating elements on the tubes.
Two heating stoves for small and big parts.
Waterjet cutting (CNC)
Cuts sheet materials.
Used for ferrous metals and alloys; hard-to-process alloy steels and alloys; non-ferrous metals; composite materials; ceramic materials; natural and artificial stones; porous materials and seals.
Vacuum forming

Production of master models from a wide range of materials (from molding plastics to alloy steels) for a large set of technologies (silicone casting, vacuum molding, injection molding (TPA)) + directly manufacture of final parts.
Heat bending of plastic
Bending of any thermoplastics up to 6mm at a temperature of 100°C.
Possible materials: plexiglass, acrylic glass, foamed PVC plastic, engraving plastic, PET, etc.
Laser cutting
Cuts the contour of any level of complexity, engraves images and texts on the surface of the material, while ensuring a minimum width of the cut.
Cuts through sheet metal.
Decorative coatings
Sheet metal bending
Grinding, tumbling, polishing
Locksmith work
Application of decorative and anticorrosive coatings, polymer coating of metals, paint coating using a clean chamber, nickel plating, chrome plating, galvanizing
Section of finishing preparation of surfaces (grinding, turning, polishing, etc.).
Grinding machines, vibratory finishing, shot blasting of small parts, mechanical polishing.
Tube bending by rolling the roller around the bending templates (pads), in cold state.
Cutting of profile pipes and metals.
Drilling and hole reaming.
Metal processing on the lathe.

Do bending of sheet metal.
Materials: stainless steel, ferrous metals, aluminum up to 6 mm thick

Phone us. We can explain and consult you
There are 200+ of experienced workers, while production staff includes 20 people. They will listen to your idea and realize it precisely as you wish.
We own modern equipment. For example,
laser cutting machine Laser CUT-3015-1-1-S-Rx, hydraulic forming machine AMB 10031.
Years of experience on the merket
For ten years we've been producing products promptly and with minimal cost.
Simple and dependable Operation algorithm
Send the application
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Send the application with a design via our web-site
Minimal charge is about 476 $ (the currency is pegged
to 1000 BYN).
When work is completed we will notify you about the readiness of your order.
Within an hour we will estimate the possibility of production and answer you.
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You don't need to be a specialist to realize the project. Rent any machine, and our workers will do everything for you.
Pavel Nagorsky
Director of manufacturing
Sergey Kuchinsky
Deputy Director of Manufacturing
Sergey Reut
Production Engineer (Manufacturing)
Pavel Kutas
Production Engineer (Manufacturing)
Dmitry Shpilevsky
Manager Procurement and Logistics
Memeber of Worldskills Belarus community, judge Expert on Worldskills International competition
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